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Debt waiver for Ebola-affected countries is critical-Lopez

elbconline Staff
Mr. Carlos Lopaz
Mr. Carlos Lopaz

( 23, 2015)-The Economic Commission on Africa (ECA) Executive Secretary at the African Union says debt waiver for worst-affected Ebola countries is critical to the three countries’ speedy recovery.

Mr. Lopez said: “cancellation of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone’s debts has now become the Africa’s call. He spoke at a dinner in his honor Thursday, February 19, 2015 in Monrovia.

The Economic Commission on Africa official then justified that the move will enable Ebola-affected countries direct money towards building stronger health systems and social infrastructure.

“Such recommendation comes out of an extensive research on the social and economic impacts of the Ebola pandemic in affected countries.
The Ebola virus has killed over nine thousand people in the three Mano River Union countries, including Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

The disease is said to have exposed the weakness of the health systems and social infrastructure of the three countries. Mr. Lopez also said: “The UN ECA will work along with Liberia in using lessons from the Ebola situation to effect structural reforms.”

The Economic Commission on Africa, established in 1958, is a research and policy recommendation group on economic and social development issues.

Also speaking at the dinner, Acting Finance and Development Planning Minister, James Kollie, welcomed the debt cancellation call and thanked the AU Envoy for his continued advocacy to ensure the waiver.


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