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Cote DIvoires former First Lady denies wrongdoing

From: BBC
Simone Gbagbo,
Simone Gbagbo,

Cote D’Ivoire’s former First Lady, Simone Gbagbo, has denied wrongdoing for her alleged role in the violence that followed the 2010 election in the country.

Mrs. Gbagbo was giving evidence, for the first time, at her trial in the Ivoirien Capital, Abidjan.

Her husband, former President, Laurent Gbagbo, is awaiting trial in The Hague at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Mr. Gbagbo refused to accept defeat in the presidential election, sparking months of violence that claimed more than three thousand lives.

She also insisted that her husband was the legitimate winner of the election, instead of his rival, Alassane Ouattara. Mr. Ouattara was declared winner of the poll in Cote D’Ivoire at the time.

Police had to separate supporters and opponents of the Gbagbos as scuffle broke out outside the court.

The Ivoirien judiciary had resisted pressure to, as well, send her to the ICC, where she is accused of war crimes.
The judiciary had also insisted that Mrs. Gbagbo and other key suspects be tried in their homeland.

Mrs. Gbagbo and more than 80 supporters of her husband have been charged with undermining state security.


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