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Post Ebola recovery needs Intl support-Prez Sirleaf

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

( 3, 2015)-President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says unless international partners galvanize support, post ebola recovery in worst hit ebola countries would not be achieved.

“This can only be achieved with your support. The support of partners who will be willing to allocate resources to the regional plan that is home grown,” President Sirleaf said.
The Liberian Leader said though the endeavor will require huge amount of resources, she was optimistic that needed resources can be sourced.

“We believe, however, that this can be achieved through the allocation of the additional resources commitment by the European Commission,” President Sirleaf noted.

The Liberian President further named the CCR Trust fund and, the regional envelops of the World Bank and African Development Bank as possible sources from where support needed can be obtained.

The CCR Trust Fund was established by the International Monterey Fund (IMF).

President Johnson-Sirleaf spoke Tuesday, March 3, 2015 in her capacity as the chief spokesperson of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the three worst hit ebola countries at the ongoing meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

The meeting, organized by the European Union, aims at discussing the progress made in the Ebola fight, challenges posed by the pandemic,  and finding means of mobilizing needed international support.

President Johnson-Sirleaf also stressed that the role of the affected countries will be to develop the regional road map for the post ebola recovery and its coordinating structures.

“We propose to conclude these {the regional roadmap} within the next month and prepare a presentation for a side consultative group meeting during the April Spring Meeting of the IMF and the World Bank,” the Liberian leader said.

The Liberian Leader used the occasion to commend the European Union for convening the forum which she noted will restore dignity and accelerate development of peoples in their respective countries.

She also thanked various airlines, including Brussels airlines, Royal Air Moroc, Air France and Air Cote D’Ivore which has maintained and resumed flights to the three affected countries.

The presidents of the two other affected countries along with senior government officials and a host of international partners are in attendance. 


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