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Bill to establish Gola National Park before Legislative

Arthur Douglas/Joseph Koon

(elbcradio.com/Mar. 5, 2015)-The House Committee on Judiciary and Agriculture is scrutinizing a bill seeking to establish the Gola Forest National Park.

Plenary handed over the proposed legislation to the Committees briefly after its first reading on the floor during Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Session.

The Bill, submitted by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf since February 19, seeks to designate and to conserve the Gola Forest as a National Park.

In a communication to House Speaker, Alex Tyler, the Liberian Leader said research has shown that the biodiversity of the Gola Forest hosts several animal and plant species only unique to Liberia.

The Forest is said to have at least 3-plant species, 13 butter and dragon fly species, a frog and a possibly mammal species that are new to science.

The communication quotes the Liberian Leader as saying the proposed law is in harmony with the National Forestry Law of 2006, among other laws, governing the Liberian forest.

The proposed bill shall authorize the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) to oversee all activities relating to the proposed park.

Liberia’s forest accounts for 42% of the entire forest in the West African Sub-Region, with a rich biodiversity.


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