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LBA stakeholders discuss power-sharing

Kolubah Zayzay/Benjamin S. Taingay
LBA basketball President, Rufus Anderson
LBA basketball President, Rufus Anderson

( 5, 2015)-Liberian Basketball Association (LBA) stakeholders are currently holding series of discussions centered on instituting a Power-Sharing Leadership.

The discussions, involving Key actors of the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC), are intended to end the current leadership crisis looming over the Association.

In January, the Association’s Leadership disallowed fourteen basketball clubs from participating in the 2015 LBA elections.

The LBA Leadership said it took the decision, because of the affected clubs’ failure to participate in the past season’s leagues, rendering them unqualified to take part in the elections.

The Leadership justified its decision as being in keeping with the Association’s Constitution.

Several basketball stakeholders, however, took exception to the decision and staged series of protests calling on Mr. Anderson to stand down as President of the Local Basketball Association.

They extended their protests to sealing up the Association’s Headquarters two days to the elections and, to disrupting the Congress and the planned elections.
Their protests are in demand of an interim leadership to operate for six months.

The crisis is continuing, because no solution has been reached since the congress and the recently planned elections failed to take place three Saturdays ago.

Couple of solution-finding meetings, called by the Youth and Sports Ministry and the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC), also failed to end the impasse as the opposition still holds on to its demand.

Last week’s planned meeting by the Ministry and the LNOC also failed to take place, because the current LBA President, Rufus Anderson, was said to be hospitalized.
Mr. Anderson was the only candidate cleared by the Liberia Basketball Association’s Election Committee to contest the LBA Presidency.

Though the noise in the association seems to have died down, amid the on-going interim leadership discussions, the crisis is far from being over.

The opposition’s “candidate-of-interest,” Abraham Samukai, was declared unqualified to contest the presidency, but his supporters are strongly rejecting the claim, though they did not register him for the contest.

Suggestions at the discussions are that Mr. Anderson remains as President of the proposed Interim Leadership, while the Vice Presidential and the Financial Secretary posts go to the aggrieved stakeholders, an inside source told

“The impasse has cast doubt over the possibility of staging the 2015 Basketball Leagues as such sporting activities take place in Liberia only during the dry season, now fading out.


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