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Constitutional Review Committee reports to House Plenary

Dyrus Zinnah/Benjamin S. Taingay
Chairperson of the CRC ,Cllr. Gloria Scott
Chairperson of the CRC ,Cllr. Gloria Scott

( 6, 2015)-The Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) has presented to the House of Representatives a summary report of the nation-wide constitution review process.

In a presentation to the House, the Chairperson of the CRC, Cllr. Gloria Scott, reported that 88% of the Liberian population suggested that the tenure of the Presidency of Liberia be reduced to four years.

Cllr. Scott also reported that 63% of Liberians suggested that the tenures of members of the House of Representatives be reduced to four years and those of Senators to six years.

She further reported that majority of Liberians proposed that Liberia’s Vice Presidency should not preside over the Senate and that the Chief Justice of the country be elected.

According to the CRC Chairperson’s report, the Liberian people also recommended the use of the Liberian Dollar as a single currency and the National Budget be crafted in Liberian Dollars.

Cllr. Scott also informed the Plenary of the House of Representatives that Traditional Liberians want direct ownership of their land and raised concerns about how their livelihood can be improved.

Based on the recommendations contained in the report, the CRC suggested the conduct of a National Referendum on the proposals not later than 2016.

Receiving the report, Members of the House of Representatives commended the CRC for the report and promised to support the Referendum process.


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