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World Bank pledges additional power generators for Monrovia

James Akoi/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 9, 2015)-The World Bank has pledged several power generators to facilitate the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) provide adequate power for Monrovia and environs.

World Bank Deputy Managing Director for Commercial Services, Famatta Sirleaf, said: “The Bank will purchase the power generators at the cost of over US$4M.”

The machinery will be used to complement the additional power project in the targeted areas. Madam Sirleaf named the General Services Agency (GSA) Road Community in Paynesville, among other communities, as areas to benefit from the upcoming project.

She made the commitment Sunday, March 8, 2015 when she led an LEC Team at the recent GSA Road Community meeting.

The LEC Deputy Managing Director for Commercial Services told the residents at the gathering: “The Liberian Government will provide you power beginning July this year (2015).”

Madam Sirleaf encouraged the residents to work along with LEC technicians to electrify other homes in the GSA Road Community. Speaking on behalf of his fellow residents, GSA Road Community Acting Chairman, James Morris, said they are in support of the initiative.

Chairman Morris said: “I promise the residents’ cooperation with LEC for the success of the project.”

He noted that they are happy over the Government’s plan to electrify their community and other areas in Paynesville. Mr. Morris added: “The implementation of the project will ensure security in our community and will improve our livelihood.”

Currently, the Liberia Electricity Corporation has only 22-megawatt power with the capacity of distributing electricity across Monrovia and adjacent communities.

Prior to the Liberian civil conflict, the major source of power in Liberia was the Mount Coffey Hydro Plant, but the plant was enormously damaged by belligerent forces during the conflict.

Efforts are, however, being made to restore the Hydro. Work on the plant was halted, because of the Ebola outbreak in the country.


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