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Liberia observes first Ebola memorial program

Jos Garneo Cephas (
One of the  Ebola survivors at the candle night
One of the Ebola survivors at the candle night

(, 2015)-The first memorial ceremony marking the remembrance of Liberians who died of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has taken place in Monrovia.

The ceremony, organized by Action Aid-Liberia, displayed about 800-1000 lighted candle sticks to represent the dead and it was characterized by emotions and mixed feelings.

As the survivors carried photos of the dead in their chests, a Medical Director and survivor of the EVD, Jerry Brown addressed the gathering and said: “With the adults, it is true, it hurt us to see them dying.”

“It was also a terrible situation to see a two-year old baby and a six -month baby, respectively dying before me”.  Director said with a broken spirit.  I found it difficult for me to handle but we had to find some quiet time to share tears to relief myself from the stress when I was in the midst of the Ebola situation", Dr. remarked.

The ceremony took place Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at the JFK Hospital Compound in Sinkor to pay homage to Liberians who died of the Ebola disease and was attended by several Ebola survivors in Montserrado County. 

A survivor, aged 45, said: “My daughter contacted the virus and died, three of my other children also died from Ebola. I practically ‘live’ in the ETU where I met Dr. Brown but my son could not be revived and he died as well from Ebola.  I cannot forget these painful moments in my life.”

The ceremony was held under the theme: “Women Rising Above Ebola.” held along side National Decoration Day, a national holiday set aside in Liberia to remember thrie dead.

Action Aid Fundraising and Communications Manager,  Christal Da-Thong said: “This is a testimony of the strength of Liberian women after facing a test of their lives.”

“This initiative will be decentralized or replicated in every parts of  the nation during  subsequent  celebration as a way of publicizing the event within and out of Liberia to attract local and foreign tourists learn and understand  the Liberian story, the struggle  they faced in the  fight against Ebola”,  Madam Da-Thong stressed.

Liberia is currently observing a countdown to the Ebola disease and expects  the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it Ebola-free by April 13, 2015. Health authorities of  Liberia  equally so have declared "No Ebola cases" recorded in recent time.

The nation has lost about 4,000 of its  citizens to the disease since Ebola first entered Liberia from the Republic of Guinea  in February 2014, through a border town in  Foyah District, Lofa County. 


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