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Gunmen kill dozens of people in Central Nigeria

from BBC

Reports say women and children are among dozens of people killed in a dawn raid in Central Nigeria. Police say 45 people died in the attack by unidentified gunmen on Egba Village in Benue State.

A local Nigerian politician, Audu Sule, said:” 81 villagers had been killed by the attackers armed with Kalashnikov rifles.”

Another account of the reports says clashes between herdsmen from the Fulani ethnic group and farmers over grazing rights have plunged the region into chaos. Police Spokesman, Austin Ezeani said:” Police are in hot pursuit of the attackers, but no arrests have been made.”

The Benue State in Nigeria has a history of violent attacks and reprisals between semi-nomadic herdsmen and farmers, sometimes in revenge for cattle raiding.

Last year, at least one hundred villagers were killed in Central Kaduna State in an attack reportedly linked to a dispute between local farmers and herdsmen.


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