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Supreme Court denies Lawmakers Prohibition motion

Dyrus Zinnah/ Joseph T. Koon
The Supreme Court of Liberia
The Supreme Court of Liberia

( 17, 2015)-The Supreme Court of Liberia has denied the motion of Prohibition filed by two of the suspended members of the House and Representative Bill Twehway.

The suspended members of the House of Representatives are Bill Twehway, Henry Fahnbulleh and Samuel Korgar of Montserrado and Nimba Counties, respectively.

In a communication from the Supreme Court, read in the House Plenary Tuesday, March 17, 2015, the court said the complaint was prematurely filed.

Earlier, the three suspended Representatives prayed the court to prohibit the decision by the House to suspend them.

At the same time, the House Plenary has also re-enforced its decision for Representative Samuel Korgar to serve his one month suspension and apologize for his action. Representative Korgar had communicated with the House that Plenary’s decision to suspend him, coupled with an apology, was unacceptable.

Recently, the Plenary of the House of Representatives, suspended Representatives Samuel Korgar, Bill Twehway and Henry Fahnbulleh for misconduct.

They grossly interrupted the regular sessions of the House of Representatives as a means of seeking redress to their grievances.


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