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ECOWAS Health Ministers called for strong health sectors

Jonathan Grigsby/Joseph T. Koon

( 17, 2015)- The delegates of ECOWAS’ Ordinary Meeting of Health Ministers have  called for strong health sectors in the three hard hit Ebola countries in West Africa.

The regional forum was organized by the West African Health Organization.

During their deliberations in Niamey, Niger, the ECOWAS Health Ministers, advanced several recommendations aimed at building and harmonizing the health systems of the worst hit Ebola countries.

A member of the Liberian delegation, Momolu Sirleaf, said: “The West African Health Organization will work along with various health ministers in the Sub-Region to ensure the implementation of recommendations.”

“The organization will collaborate with other painters to formulate an investment plan for the Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone,” Mr. Sirleaf said. During the height of the Ebola crisis, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone were considered the Worst hit by the virus.

Currently, Liberia has made significant progress in the fight GAINST Ebola as compared to Guinea and Sierra Leone.

As part of efforts to post-Ebola revitalization of the three worst hit Ebola countries, Liberian President-Sirleaf recently served as Spokesperson and addressed the just ended Brussels on Ebola.


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