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In GAC Report: Works Ministry in corruption web

Dyrus Zinnah/Joseph T. Koon
Public Works Minister, Gyude Moore
Public Works Minister, Gyude Moore

(elbcradio,com/Mar. 19, 2015)-The General Auditing Commission (GAC) has released its audit report on the Public Works Ministry.

The audit report, covering the period 2006-2009, highlights several alleged corrupt practices at the ministry.

The GAC also alleged in its report that the Public Works Ministry failed to provide evidence that the 13 pieces of road construction equipment were imported.

”Out of the 147 wells and 30 latrines earmarked for construction by the Ministry, 112 wells and 30 latrines were not undertaken in 11 of the 15 counties,” the GAC report said.

In the report, the GAC also recommended that the Consolidated Group restitutes the over 877,000 United States Dollars for violating  the terms of the MOU and not based on specification by supplying old equipment.

The report was released Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at a public hearing at the National Legislature Public Accounts Committee, involving authorities of the Public Works Ministry.

During the hearing, Public Works Minister, Gyude Moore, allegedly failed to clarify allegations levied against the Ministry. According to our reporter, Minister Moore blamed the situation on the lack of proper information on the corruption saga at the Ministry.

The General Auditing Commission (GAC is charged with the oversight to conduct audits for all ministries and agencies of Government for transparency and accountability.

Prior to the outcome of GAC Report, Government has already acknowledged the existence of corruption at various ministries and agencies.

In her State of the Nation Address recently, President Sirleaf described corruption as a vampire and called for a robust fight against it. In recent months, the Liberia Anti-Corruption (LACC) accused several Government officials of corruption.

The LACC, then, recommended to Government to prosecute those linked to corruption if the country’s financial resources must be utilized within the context of transparency and accountability.

As a consequence, Government indicted several former officials of the National Oil Company of Liberia ((NOCAL) on charges of economic sabotage, respectively.

Though the list for corrupt officials is contingent upon the burdens of proof by Government, the fight against corruption remains a mayor challenge.


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