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Government clarifies RIA $US10m expenditure saga

Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon
Transport Minister, Angela Bush
Transport Minister, Angela Bush

( 24, 2015)-The Minister of Transport, Angela Bush, has clarified circumstances surrounding the usage of the $US10 million Dollars allotted for the renovation of the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

A release quotes Minister Bush, as saying:” Over five million United States Dollars of the amount was used to settle RIA’s debt.”

“This amount covered salary arrears of RIA staff, baggage claim screening machine, suppression cost, respectively,” she said.

She said though the ministry does not have direct oversight in the day-to-day running of the Roberts International Airport (RIA), the clarification was necessary to get the record straight.

Minister Bush made the clarification Monday when she appeared before the Senate Committee on Public Accounts Audits at the National Legislature in Monrovia.

The RIA authorities and Transport Minister were cited by the Senate Committee to give reasons for the Executive’s request to ratify 60 million United States for the renovation of the RIA amidst the ten million United States Dollars in question for the same purpose.

The Chair of the Senate Committee, Senator Henry Yallah, thanked Minister Bush for providing clarification on the disbursement of the 10 million United States Dollars.
Senator Yallah mandated the Minister to present the Aviation master plan to the Senate for review.

Responding, RIA Deputy General Manager and the Comptroller told the committee that the disbursement of the 10 million dollars was executed by the Liberia Airport Authority and not RIA Management.

The ten million United States dollars in question was allocated by in the 2012-2013 Fiscal Budget of the Roberts International Airport (RIA).


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