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U.S magazine names Prez. Sirleaf among 50 greatest leaders

Ledgerhood Rennie/Joseph T. Koon
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf upholding the Ebola awreness
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf upholding the Ebola awreness

( 28, 2015)- A United States-based prestigious media outlet, Fortune Magazine, has named President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as one of the world’s greatest leaders.

In its vetting exercise, the Fortune Magazine ranked President Sirleaf as the 16th among the world’s 50 greatest Leaders.

The Magazine praised the Liberian Leader for her extraordinary leadership role played in rescuing Liberia from the plague of Ebola that almost devastated the country.

The renowned Fortune Magazine also awarded the President for her remarkable leadership in lifting Liberia from the ruins of the civil war, thereby earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.

Authorities of the Magazine said:”While she faces the challenge of battling corruption in Liberia, President Sirleaf has achieved two milestones of recuing the country from the civil war and the Ebola Epidemic.”

President Sirleaf was named among  great Leaders like Pope Francis, Billionaire Bill and Malinda Gates, President of the People’s Republic of China and the Governor of the Bank of England, among others.


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