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Foreign, Justice Ministries trade counter claims

James Paykoo/Joseph T. Koon
  Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan
Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan

( 31, 2015)-Deputy Foreign Minister, Boakai Kanneh, says  Justice Minister, Benedict Sannoh’s  final report on  the death of Michael Allison  is counter- productive.

Deputy Minister Kanneh said it was unacceptable recent statement attributed to Minister Sannoh that the Foreign Ministry was in error to have issued the late Allison passport.

“The Attorney-General failed to mention the Justice Ministry and the courts; he rather indicted the Foreign Ministry and the Liberia Bar Association,” Deputy Minister Kanneh said.

He said:” It is the court that administers the Oath of Allegiance, in conjunction with the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization and the Justice Ministry.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister clarified that it is the Bureau of Immigration clothed with the authority to handle matters relating to citizenship and not the Foreign Ministry.

Sometime in February this year, the body of Cllr. Michael Allison was discovered on a local beach in the Sinkor Community, a suburb of Monrovia.

Circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of Allison sparked-off public concerns. Some critics attributed his death to foul play, while others say there was a compelling need to conduct an autopsy to get the record straight.As a result, Government immediately hired the services of foreign pathologists to conduct an autopsy on Allison’s body.

Government, quoting the Autopsy Report recently,  announced that there was no foul play in  Allison’s death rather it  was natural.

This latest claim and counter-claim between the Justice Ministry on the one hand, and the Foreign Ministry on the other, could undermine the Autopsy Report released by Government.


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