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Senator Taylor, participants get tough with rapists

Jacob Parley/Joseph T. Koon
Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard-Taylor
Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard-Taylor

( 31, 2015)-Member of the Liberian Senate has attributed the increasing rape cases to the failure to enforce rape laws and harsh punishment.

Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard-Taylor, wants rape cases enforced and harsh punishment against would-be rapists and individuals who may compromise rape.

Senator Taylor said: “Community involvements, provision of education for young children on moral social norms and the discouragement of sex trade are important in the fight against sexual based violence.”

‘It is also important to discuss the issues of rape at all levels of the country,” she said. Senator Taylor spoke Tuesday at a one-day National Stakeholders’ Conference in Monrovia funded by USAID).

The forum was jointly organized by IREX, in partnership with the Liberia Women Media Action Committee and the Gender Ministry.Meanwhile, participants of the one-day forum on rape issues are calling for tougher actions against rapists
across the country.

The said: “Despite the existing rape laws, the act continues to permeate the Liberian society against babies and children whose ages range from eight to ten.”

‘We want the perpetrators of rape to face the wrath of community dwellers since the laws seem to be protecting the rapists,” the participants emphasized.

The participants also frowned on tendencies that tend to compromise the fight against rape cases and warned those engaged in such practice to desist.

The Conference was held under the theme:” Rape is a Threat to the Survival of Women and the Advancement of a Nation, Bridging the Gaps towards Justice and Accountability.

In recent months, a number of deaths have been reported as a result of sexual bases violence in Monrovia and other parts of Liberia.


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