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Ebola Survival Network warns against stigmatization

Lucia Dohr/Joseph T. Koon

( 6, 2015)-The authorities of the Ebola Survival Network have frowned on stigmatization of Ebola survivors in various communities across the country.

The Coordinator of the Network, Mickie Gbelion, wants Liberians support Ebola survivors and stop stigmatizing them.

Madam Gbelion said; “Stigmatizing Ebola survivors will add to the many problems they are being faced with as a result of the virus.”

“Blindness, impotency, body arches and paralysis, among others, are some health issues that affect Ebola survivors,” she said.

Madam Gbelion warned Liberians against tendencies capable of undermining the Public Health Laws of Liberia. Her warning is in fulfillment of Government’s pronouncement that it would not tolerate individuals violating the Public Health Laws of Liberia.

Under Public Health Laws, an individual is presumed to have committed an offense if he or she knowingly and intentionally exposes other Liberians to the Ebola virus.

An individual has also violated the Public Health Law if he or she is guilty of hiding a health problem capable of endangering the lives of others.

On his part, Information Minister, Lewis Brown, urged Liberians to desist in the habit of stigmatizing Ebola survivors.
He said: ‘Liberians should consider Ebola survivors as heroes and heroines for their bravery for surviving the virus.”

He called on Liberians to continue observing the health protocols on Ebola prevention to win the battle against the virus.

Minister Brown spoke Monday April 6, 2015 at the Ministry’s regular press briefing in Monrovia.

At the same time, Minister Brown has re-echoed the pivotal role of Liberians in the maintenance of peace and democracy in Liberia amidst the ongoing national debate on declaring Liberia as a Christian state.

The Information Minister noted: ”Let Liberians continue the culture of religious and political tolerance as the debate on declaring Liberia as a Christian state goes on.”


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