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European Union donates vehicles to Government

Jonathan Grisgby/Joseph T. Koon

( 6, 2015)-The European Union (EU) has donated ten vehicles to the Liberian Government for use by the Internal Affairs Ministry.

The vehicles are part of European Union’s Support to the Liberian Government’s Decentralization Initiative launched recently.
Under the partnership, the vehicles will be used by county superintendents to support and enhance their work.

European Union Head of Delegation, Tina Intelmann, called on authority of the Internal Affairs Ministry to use the vehicles for the intended purpose.

She spoke Monday, April 6, 2015 at the Internal Affairs Ministry when she presented the vehicles to the ministry in Monrovia.

“I want to see those vehicles in the various counties doing the work of the local authorities as the decentralization initiative by Government is vital to accelerate national development,” Madam Intelmann noted.

“This donation is the beginning of the European Union’s support to the Government’s decentralization initiative as more support will be made later,” she said.

Receiving the vehicles, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Administration, Varney, said the donation will help to enhance the operations of county superintendents.

Deputy Minister Varney thanked the EU for the gesture and called on other friendly governments and institutions to support Government in its post-Ebola economic recovery.

The Internal Affairs Ministry is charged with the oversight to ensure that the local governance of the country is enhanced within the context of promoting participatory democracy.

The vehicles, valued at nearly two-hundred thousand United States Dollars, will be managed by the UNDP.


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