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Liberia observes National Fast and Prayer Day

Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon

( 10, 2015)-Liberians from all walks of life are observing National Fast and Prayer Day as a National Holiday throughout the country.

In a Presidential Proclamation, Friday, April 10, has been declared as a National Holiday in consonance with the 1883 Act of the National Legislature.

According to the Act, the Second Friday of each year is being declared as National Fast and Prayer Day.

Consistent with their religious practices, Liberians have gathered in their places of worship to give thanks and praises to the Almighty God for His bountiful blessings upon the nation and its people over the years.

The Proclamation is quoted as saying the day is intended for supplication, fasting and mediation to the Almighty God as a nation and people with one destiny.

A Foreign Ministry release quotes President Sirleaf as saying: “All public offices, business houses, and market places remain closed from six in the morning to six in the evening.

The two popular religions in Liberia are Christianity and Islam, whose believers are Christians on the one hand, and Moslems on the other.

In recent weeks there have been mixed reactions among Liberians on the recent proposition, calling for the declaration of Liberia as a Christian state.

One account of the argument indicates that some Liberians have overwhelmingly endorsed the outcome of the recent Gbarnga Conference.

In contrast, another account of the debate is opposed to the idea of declaring the country as a Christian state, citing Constitutional violation.

Article 14 of the Liberian Constitution provides that there shall be no state religion.


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