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US Govt reaffirms support to Ebola-Affected Countries

Joseph T. Koon
U. S. President, Barack Obama
U. S. President, Barack Obama

( 16, 2015)- The United States Government has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering partnership with leaders of the three worst-hit Ebola countries.

U. S. President, Barack Obama, said: “The U, S Government will work along with leaders of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone to restore normal activities in the three West African countries.”

President Obama made the commitment Wednesday, April 15, 2015 when he met with Presidents Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf, Alpha Conde and Ernest Bai Koroma of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone at the White House in the United States.

The U, S President said: “The meeting was intended to have a progress report from leaders of the Ebola-affected countries.”

“The outcome of the meeting will accelerate the mobilization of more resources for the Ebola-affected countries for the post-Ebola revitalization of their respective economies,” he said.

According to the Press Attache to the Liberian Embassy in the United States, Gabriel Williams, the three West African Leaders also held a closed-door meeting with President Obama on a wide range of issues.

Mr. Williams said details of the meeting were not disclosed up to press time. The Liberian Leader’s trip to the United States is in furtherance of Government’s Phase Three Plan on Liberia’s post-Ebola recovery.

The three ECOWAS Leaders’ meeting with President Obama, led by President Sirleaf, afforded them the opportunity to showcase their situations to attract more support.

Recently, President Sirleaf also served as Spokesperson for the Ebola-affected countries at the just-ended Brussels Meeting in Belgium.


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