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Motorcyclists riot in Paynesville against police

Jos Garneo Cephas(
A scene at the GSA ROAD Junction Pixs: by (Jos Garneo Cephas)
A scene at the GSA ROAD Junction Pixs: by (Jos Garneo Cephas)

( 16, 2015)-The City of Paynesville is experiencing the rioting of motor cyclists causing panic to the residence of the city.

The situation has led to the destruction of the Zone-5 Depot Annex-1 of the Liberia National Police (LNP) opposite the Paynesville Central Market.

The almost four hours running battle of stones throwing from the motorcyclists against the LNP officers is unknown.

Accounting to eyes witnesses’ account, a motor cyclist was left wounded in the Zubah Town, areas when police attempted to affect an arrest.

Another account says the motorbike rider is believed to have died in the process.

According to our reporter, the protestors also burnt a motor bicycle belonging to the Police at the GSA Road Junction.

The report also says the Red-Light Police Station in the heart of the commercial district of Paynesville, outside Monrovia, was as well burnt down by the rioters.

The deployment of Police and UNMIL officers is currently bringing the situation under control. Details are still developing.


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