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President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf is in Washington, D.C, attending the Spring Meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to discuss, among other things, post-Ebola recovery of West Africa’s post affected countries-Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

These Bretton woods institutions have accepted that the Ebola epidemic has reversed positive economic trends, especially in Liberia, to negative growth rates that could span the next few years.

Also expected to be highlighted at the Washington, D.C Meeting are plans to revitalize and strengthen Liberia’s health sector to withstand future shocks and provide quality healthcare services.

But, while on the mission of national interest, enemies of progress and the blind critics, under the canopy of the press freedom guaranteed by Government, are pulling their dangerous and unpatriotic daggers and have begun stabbing it(Government)..

The FrontPage Newspaper in its April 14, 2015 edition with lead headline captioned:” ESJ Comes to Aid of GAC   Indictees: Shielding “Corruption?” called the President’s fight against corruption unduly into question. 

It is inconceivable and preposterous for a Liberian publication to maliciously unleash such negative article which coincides with the visit to Washington D.C of the Liberian Leader to participate in a Regional Post Ebola Recovery Conference hosted by the World Bank for the three hardest- hit Ebola countries.

Indeed, the timing of the article demonstrates the lack on the part of FrontPage Newspaper which should be concerned about the country’s post-Ebola recovery agenda.

Obviously, it is no surprise that the FrontPage Newspaper could hatch such a vicious scheme, considering its previous stance on outsourcing management of the Ebola crisis to foreign partners, a move that was vehemently condemned by the Government.

The Government at the time made it clear that as a national crisis, the people of Liberia must manage and take control of the process, something which international partners viewed as rational and praiseworthy.

No doubt, the newspaper is aware that raising issues of corruption while the President is on fundraising mission is tantamount to telling donors not to chip into the basket.

Previous trips to Washington D.C during which President Sirleaf met with U.S President, Barack Obama and Congressional and other leaders, as well as a visit to Brussels to meet European Union leaders yielded a positive result.

The fact that the World Bank and the IMF would accommodate President Sirleaf and her counterparts from Guinea and Sierra Leone is a pointer to the realization of the critical needs facing these countries in the post-Ebola era.

Throwing a spook into the wheel of international goodwill to settle whatever scores by publishing a negative article about a national leader cannot be justified, especially when it has a negative impact on the efforts to reposition the country after a devastating health crisis.

At this juncture, we pause to ask: Were the lies of the FrontPage Newspaper nationalistic? What will it benefit at the detriment and expense of its patrimony? Who gets severely hurt? President Sirleaf or the Liberian people?

Indeed, it is an unpatriotic pen work, exhibiting that patriotism has been lost to blind opposition.


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