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30 motorcyclists send to court

Ferricks Dainsee/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 24, 2015)-The Liberia National Police (LNP) has charged and forwarded to court 30 motorcyclists for their participation in the April 16th violent demonstration in Paynesville.

The violent demonstration led to the burning of a police station and to the vandalization of five others.

Police decision followed the completion of its recent investigation into the incident.

According to police Charge Sheet, the demonstration by the rampaging motorcyclists was predicated upon the killing of their fellow motorcyclist, Alfred Tarnue, allegedly by a police officer at the Paynesville Red-light.

The Police Charge Sheet also said during the rioting, the motorcyclists targeted police officers and facilities.

It also said: “The motorcyclists inflicted serious bodily injuries on police officers in Paynesville with cutlasses, stakes and other deadly implements, including petroleum products.”

The document also accused the motorcyclists of attempting raping some female police officers during the episode.

The Police Charge Sheet further noted: “The incident happened in full view of the public in the Red-light District.”

As a result of the violent demonstration, government and private properties, in the police possession, were either stolen or destroyed.    

The Police Charge Sheet put the value of the properties at about US$500,000.00.


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