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Junior Lone Star in Ghana for Brazil Olympic qualifiers

Kolubah Zayzay/Joseph T. Koon
The Liberian Junior squad
The Liberian Junior squad

( 24, 2015).   A high  power  Liberian  football    delegation  has left  the  country  for  Accra,  Ghana.

The  25- man  delegation  includes  players,  officials, and technical  staffers  of  the  Under   23 Youth  Team  of  Liberia,  the   Junior  Lone  Star.

The  Junior  Lone Star  will take  on  her  Ghanaian  counterpart ,  the Menteors,  in the  first  leg   of   the  Brazil  2016 Olympic  Football    Qualifiers.

The Under 23 Head Coach, Thomas Kojo, said: “Three foreign-based players, Henry Berron of Greece, SporoSomah of Cote d’Ivoire and Cooper Gaye Piah of the United States, will join the team in Accra to strengthen its capacity for the match.”

Speaking to Sports Wednesday, April 23, 2015 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) in Monrovia, Coach Kojo, it is an important milestone to have the country back in major football competitions.

He said: “The Liberian team did not prepare enough for the match to put the team in shape because the players trained for three weeks.”

“With the level of commitment from the players, the team will go into the game Sunday, April 27, 2015 with high hopes of winning, “Coach Kojo said.

According   to   him,  as  a  result  of   the  Ebola  situation  in Liberia,   the  return   leg,  to have   been   played   in  Monrovia,   will  take  place in   Accra  at   a  later  date.

The  Confederation   of   African  Football  (CAF), had informed   Liberia,  Guinea, and Sierra Leone  of its unpreparedness to host  the home  games,  due  to  the  Ebola virus spread  in the three worst Ebola-affected nations.

The  virus  has  taken  away thousands   of  lives  in  the  three West African Countries  as  a result  of   the  pandemic’s outbreak  in 2014.

Some   of the players, spoken   to during their practice session   at   the   ATS, said: “We were glad   to   form   part   of   Liberia’s Under-23 side.”

The players, in   high spirit ahead   of   the   match,   said    they    were fully aware   of   the pressure from the home fans to deliver.

They  said: “The   Ghanaians  are  a though  side, however,  the  Junior  Lone Star will  shine  forever.”


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