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Liberia Under-23 Football team defeated 2-0 in Ghana

Kolubah Zayzay/Benjamin S. Taingay
The Ghana Under-23 squad that defeated Liberia  under-23
The Ghana Under-23 squad that defeated Liberia under-23

( 27, 2015)-Liberia Under-23 National Football team suffered a 2-0 defeat away to the Meteors of Ghana in the first leg of the 2016 Olympic qualifier.

The game took place Sunday, April 26, 2015 in Talma, Ghana.

The Ghanaian Under-23 scored once in each of the halves as they took advantage of alleged fatigue Liberian counterpart was experiencing during the game.

Junior Lone Star spend had travelled for several hours from Monrovia to Talma before the commencement of the match.

The return leg is due in a fortnight, but it isn’t clear where the game will take place as Liberia is still under CAF and FIFA’s ban.

Liberia, along with Guinea and Sierra Leone, is banned from hosting international football matches on home ground, because of the ebola outbreak in the West African nation.

According to a report, the Under 23-Lone Star team’s defeat to the Ghanaians, because of poor coordination between the midfield and strikers as the team could not create many chances in the game.

The Liberian flag bearers had only three weeks of training before their clash with the Meteors of Ghana who had spent times in Europe preparing for the qualifier.

Sources at the LFA partly blamed the delay on getting funding for the trip to Ghana, but the local football house managed to get the team to the game’s venue and back home.

The Liberian football delegation departed Liberia for Malta lately Saturday, the eve of the match.


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