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Two UK-based universities donate to UL

Moses Garzeawu/Joseph Koon

( 29, 2015)-Two United Kingdom (UK)-based higher institutions of learning have donated a huge consignment of Physics  textbooks to the University of Liberia (UL).

The University College of London and the University of Nottingham said the donation was intended to address the inadequacy of instructional materials at the University of Liberia.

A former instructor and student of the UL, John Brownell, presented the books to the UL authorities.

Mr. Brownell said: “The University College of London presented one thousand eight hundred Physics textbooks while the Nottingham University promised to send Physics professors to the University of Liberia.”
He said the Nottingham University Physics professors will offer free services at the UL.

“I have already concluded negotiations with 20 universities abroad to provide resource materials for the UL Physics Department,” Mr. Brownell further noted.

He also pledged scholarships to two Liberian female students desirous of reading Physics at the state-run university.

“It is disappointing that no woman was majoring in Physics at the nation’s highest institution of learning,” the former UL instructor and student added.

Receiving the textbooks, University of Liberia President, Dr. Emmett Dennis, said the donation was one of the happiest moments at the UL.

Dr. Dennis thanked the two UK- based universities and Mr. Brownell for the gesture saying: “The partnership will foster news areas of collaboration.”

“The University of Liberia,over the years, built excellent ties with other institutions in the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa,” the UL President said.

Dr. Dennis then expressed the hope that the partnership being established between the University of Liberia and the UK- based institutions, will foster new areas of collaboration.


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