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Liberian Red Cross ceases Ebola-related burials

( 30, 2015)-The Liberian National Red Cross (LNRC) has shut down its Save and Dignified Burial exercise in Montserrado County.

The LNRC burial team was charged with the responsibility to collect dead bodies from various communities during the peak of the Ebola virus outbreak in the country.

The Red Cross Secretary General, Fayiah Tamba, said: “The organization will provide members of the team essential package to re-integrate them into their respective communities.”

Mr. Tamba said: “With the sacrificial job rendered the country by the burial team, the Red Cross deemed it necessary to do all it can in helping to re-building their lively-hood after the Ebola crisis.”

Meanwhile, the LNRC offered each member of the Save and Dignified Burial Team two months salary as appreciation for their sacrificial services, especially during the fight against the Ebola virus.


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