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Govt indicts five persons in Liberian girls trafficking

Moses Wenyou/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 4, 2015)-The Liberian Government has indicted five persons for their involvement in the alleged trafficking of ten Liberian girls.

The indictees include four Lebanese Nationals, Abbas El-Debes, Bashir Al-Lakis, Ghazi Bashar,and Hayah Debes, and a co-conspirator, Richard Tamba, a Liberian.

The five men have been charged with illicit human trafficking, gang raping and migrant smuggling.

According to reports, police in Monrovia has arrested one of the accused, Abbas El-Debes, while the rest are still at large.
Mr. El-Debes is the owner of the Speedo Printing Press, located in Buzzy Quarter, a Monrovia suburb.

The Liberian Government has since repatriated the ten girls and placed them in “safe homes.”


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