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4 million bags of Charcoal used yearly in Monrovia

Moses Wenyou/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 7, 2015)-Report says Monrovia residents use about four million bags of charcoal annually.

The National Charcoal Union of Liberia President, Richard Dorbor, said the number could increase to six million bags annually.

Mr. Dorbor also said: “The rise in charcoal consumption in Monrovia is due to the city’s rapid population growth.”
Meanwhile, the National Charcoal Union of Liberia has launched a project named, Sustainable Charcoal Production.

The Union President said the Charcoal project is intended to educate producers and sellers on how to identify their basic needs.

The project will also encourage them to engage in sustainable production and forest management, Mr. Dorbor added.


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