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Business the driving engine for development-Tepenee

Mulbah Kesselly/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 8, 2015)-A Liberian professional electrician, Tepenee Flomo, says the business sector is the driving engine for the social-economic development of any nation.

Mr. Flomo said doing business pays better than working in the public sector, or for individuals, because one always realizes maximum earnings that provide enormous support to his, or her family.

He is therefore urging Liberian youths to venture into business, not only to improve their living standards, but to buttress government’s efforts towards the realization of its transformation agenda.

The 73 year old man said becoming a professional electrician had always been his utmost dream, realized more than a decade now.

He made the statement Thursday, May 7, 2015 when he spoke to our reporter in the Rock Hole Community in Paynesville.

The career electrician then named the extended family as one of the common impediments that often hinder business growth, especially petit trading.

Mr. Flomo said using meager income from small businesses to support the propriety’s family, along with the extended one, gives reason why such businesses don’t often survive.


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