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Amb. Nyenabo lauds the EU, presents letters

Baysah Kollie/Benjamin S. Taingay
Ambassador Isaac Nyenabo
Ambassador Isaac Nyenabo

( 8, 2015)-Liberia’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU) has lauded the EU for responding to assistance appeals by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during the Ebola outbreak in the country.

Ambassador Isaac Nyenabo said: “The EU’s effort in mobilizing financial and material resources for Liberia was important in achieving the gains that country and its neighbors have made against the virus.”

The Liberian Ambassador made the statement Wednesday, May 6, 2015 when he presented his letters of Credence to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk.

The presentation took place at the EU President’s Salon at the Justus Lipsius Building in Brussels.

A dispatch from the Liberian Embassy near Brussels quotes Ambassador Nyenabo as saying: “Though Liberia has not completely won the fight against Ebola as yet, it has made significant progress.”

The Liberian envoy, however, noted that such progress would not have been possible without the assistance of the EU.

The former President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate was appointed and commissioned as Ambassador to the EU in 2014 by President Johnson-Sirleaf.

Speaking at the ceremony, the European Council President welcomed Ambassador Nyenabo and officially received his letters of Credence.

Mr. Tusk reiterated the EU’s commitment to supporting Liberia’s post-Ebola recovery programs.

He said: “Liberia has turned the tides against Ebola, and needs to now focus on its economic and national development programs.”

Mr. Tusk assured that the EU will remain engaged with Liberia at all times and promised to visit the country soon whenever he visits Africa.

“Such visit would further attract European investments and create the moral and psychology for the return of foreign investors,” he added.

Prior to the Ebola virus’ outbreak in Liberia, foreign investors from Brussels were doing business in the country, but were forced to leave to avoid being infected by the disease.


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