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Liberia welcomes Ebola-Free Declaration

A COMMENT: LBS News Department
Director of News, Sorbor George
Director of News, Sorbor George

(elbcradio.com/May 9, 2015)-It was in March, 2014 that Liberians experienced an enemy, not only strange, but unseen.

Though the Ebola virus has been known around the world since 1976, it was little known in West Africa. The pandemic was first reported in Lofa County, Liberia’s northern region.  When it spread initially, the Governments of the three worst-affected countries found it difficult to find an appropriate approach to tackle the virus.

Amidst frustration amongst Liberians at home and abroad, a suggestion was advanced that the Government should outsource the fight against the deadly disease as international aids were far from reaching the shores of the nation.

Indeed, the virus changed Liberia’s culture that no one was dare to cater for his sick or dying relative for fear of contracting the disease.

Every activity came to a standstill, because of fear that the virus could wipe out the entire population. Liberia suffered international isolation and its citizens were labeled, “Ebola Exporter.”

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf thought it prudent to suspend all foreign travels and to take on a more leadership role, amidst the unprecedented crisis.

Health experts even predicted that Ebola could kill over 20 thousand people in Liberia, but the national leadership and those of local communities, by their resilience, proved the experts wrong.

Giving the look of things, the National Legislature convened a special session and debated the need for a State of Emergency.

The debate yielded fruits as the President announced a State of Emergency, taking extraordinary measures to deal with the rapid spread of the Ebola virus. Ebola left a death toll of over 4,000 of the country’s population, made 3,000 children orphans, stalled the recovering health system, and crippled the economy.

More importantly, Saturday May 9, the Liberian people await the benefit of their resilience against the strange and unseen enemy when WHO announced to the world that the country is now Ebola free.

Indeed, Liberians highly appreciate and wholeheartedly welcome WHO’s decision to declare the country Ebola free, following the organization’s 42-day benchmark.

We hail all of our local and international partners, especially our nurse and doctors, for their tireless contributions toward the fight that oust another silent menace from Liberia.  

Because of the importance of this day in the life of Liberia, the Government has planned a national thanksgiving service to be held Monday, May 11 at 10’Oclock in the morning at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia. At the Thanksgiving Service, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will receive from WHO the Declaration of “LIFE” –Liberia is Free of Ebola.

Government is therefore urging Liberians from all walks of life to attend the service and give praises to God for strengthening them in the fight against the virus.

Prior to convening the Thanksgiving Service, the Government also urged members of all local religious groupings to gather at their respective places of worship and give thanks and praises to the Almighty Arbiter for giving Liberians the resilience to defeat Ebola.

Monday’s ceremony is a clear manifestation of that resilience that Liberians can never and will never afford to let it erode, especially in the wake of the current outbreak of measles in the country.

Information Minister, Lewis Brown, recently put it just right when he called on his compatriots to fight measles just as they fought the Ebola virus -displaying the same level of resilience they put up against the virus.

The people of this little West African nation can assure their government never will they relent in fully upholding those Ebola-prevention measures introduced by the Health Ministry on the onset of the virus outbreak. 

Additionally, they must yield to Minister Brown’s clarion call that they will equally prevail over measles, polio and other future disease outbreaks just as they did over the unprecedented outbreak of Ebola in mama Liberia.

Therefore, Liberians must unanimously express loudly their joy and appreciation through the Freedom Chorus:
All Hail Liberia Hail, All Hail Liberia Hail;
With our hands and hearts united;
Indeed, we’ve prevailed over Ebola; and

At long-last, Liberia has been declared EBOLA FREE.

All Hail Liberia Hail, All Hail Liberia Hail;

This land of liberty and justice shall always be our own.       


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