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WHO describes Liberias success as momentous

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 11, 2015)-A senior official of WHO-Liberia has described the country’s success against Ebola as momentous.

Dr. Alex Gasasira recalled that Liberia reported the highest number of deaths in the Ebola crisis.
Dr. Gasasira said: “Liberia has met WHO’s criteria, and therefore, the Ebola outbreak in the country was over.”

The WHO Representative spoke in Monrovia Saturday, May 9, 2015 when he read the official Ebola free Declaration from his organization.

He praised Liberia, saying: “Liberia’s determination to defeat the virus, despite fears and difficulties, remained strong.”

Dr. Gasasira reaffirmed WHO’s commitment to working along with Liberia, but reminded the Government of the need to remain on the alert.

He noted: “Neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone are still suffering from the virus.”

The program was attended by US Ambassador to Liberia, Deborah Malac, UNMIL Boss, Karin Landgren and other international partners.


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