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Amb Malac commends Liberian Govt and people

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Scene at the official certification program
Scene at the official certification program

( 12, 2015)-United States (US) Ambassador to Liberia, Deborah Malac, has commended the Liberian Government and people for defeating Ebola.

According to Ambassador Malac, Liberians should be proud of themselves for their effort to winning the fight.
She said: “The US is also proud to be associated with the fight.” The US Ambassador also noted that the best way to fight the virus is to prevent it.

The US Envoy then called for mutual effort to brace the Liberian health sector to make sure the country does not experience Ebola again.

At the same time, Cameroonian Ambassador to Liberia has termed President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and health workers as “heroes and heroines.”

Ambassador Augustine Gang praise Liberia for successfully defeating the epidemic and encouraged the people of Sierra Leone and Guinea to continue fighting until they win the war against Ebola.-


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