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Govt apportions 200-m budgetary support from EU

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( 14, 2015)-The Finance Ministry has reportedly apportioned the over €200-million budgetary support provided by the European Union (EU).

The EU provided the amount for use by four government functionaries and other areas.

According to a legislative delegation from Brussels, over €100-million was allotted to Good Governance, €100-million to Energy and €32-million went to Education. 

The legislative delegation also said €30-million was allotted to Agriculture, €4-million to Civil Society and €6-million for Support Measures.

The report was presented Tuesday, May 14, 2015 to the House of Representatives’ Plenary by the delegation.

The group has just returned from the 37th Session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States, and EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Brussels.


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