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Senator Taylor gives Bong Mines Hospital ambulance

Jonathan Grigsby/Benjamin S. Taingay
Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor
Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor

( 19, 2015)-Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor, has donated an ambulance to the Bong Mines Hospital.

The ambulance will be used to convey patients from various parts of Fuamah District and of other parts of Bong County to the hospital.

Senator Howard-Taylor said the ambulance was obtained, following several negotiations with health ministry authorities to ease the problem of transporting patients to the medical facility.

Though the hospital is operated by China Union, it was incumbent upon the Government to subsidize its operation to ensure better healthcare services for mainly the residents of the district, she also noted.

Receiving the ambulance, the Bong Mines Hospital Medical Director, Taweh Freeman, thanked Senator Howard-Taylor for the donation and assured proper maintenance of same.


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