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UN praises Govt for meeting Security Councils benchmarks

Benjamin S. Taingay
UN Secretary-General, Ben Kin-Moon
UN Secretary-General, Ben Kin-Moon

( 22, 2015)-The Liberian Government has been praised by the UN for meeting the initial benchmarks of the Security Council’s transition plans.

The Security Council’s Transition Plans include ratifying the Arms Trade Treaty on April 21 and taking over responsibility for marking and registering arms.

The Head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) said in spite of the drawdown exercises, UNMIL will continue working closely along with the relevant local institutions to strengthen capacity throughout the transition period.

Madam Karin Landgren named the Liberia National Police and Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, Armed Forces of Liberia and the Ministry of Justice as relevant institutions UNMIL plans to work along with amidst the drawdown exercises.

Madam Landgren hoped that the Joint Implementation Group for this plan will meet soon to start monitoring progress in the transitioning responsibility.

The drawdown exercise will see UNMIL military ceiling reduced to three thousand, five hundred ninety personnel, while the police will be brought to one thousand, five hundred fifteen personnel, both by September this year.

UNMIL took over peacekeeping duties from ECOWAS forces (ECOMOG) on October 1, 2003 with some 3,500 West African troops, who had served with the ECOMIL vanguard force re-hatted as United Nations peacekeepers.

The mission contained 15,000 United Nations military personnel, including up to 250 military observers and 160 staff officers, as well as up to 1,115 UN police officers to assist in the maintenance of law and order throughout Liberia.

The Mission’s initial mandate was to operate for a period of 12 months, but period was extended over time at the request of the U.N Secretary General. 


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