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Senate debates to or not to confirm accused nominees

Joseph Sayon/Benjamin S. Taingay
Senator, Nyonblee Lawrence-Kangar
Senator, Nyonblee Lawrence-Kangar

( 22, 2015)-Debate has begun at the Liberian Senate whether or not to confirm Presidential nominees accused of corruption in the recent GAC audit report.

The debate was triggered by a communication from Grand Bassa County Senator, Nyonblee Lawrence-Kangar when she recently called on the Senate Plenary not to confirm the individuals accused by the GAC.

Senator Lawrence told her colleagues to delay the accused persons’ confirmation to allow the Senate’s Public Account Committee conduct due diligence to the report.

She described confirmation of public officials with integrity problem as wrong, noting: “Such integrity crisis may reflect on the Senate.”

Other Senators rejected Senator Lawrence’s communication saying: “The communication violates the rights of those accused in the GAC report and, therefore, it should not be given attention.”

Senators opposed to the communication include Milton Teajay of Sinoe County, Gbleh-bo Brown of Maryland County, Comoney Wesseh of River Gee County, Daniel Naatehn of Gbarpolu County and Albert Chea of Grand Kru County, among others.

Majority Senators, however, argued that the issue borders on integrity and that confirmation proceeding of Presidential nominees, accused in the GAC audit report, be delayed until such persons are cleared of all charges.

They said: “The Senate, this time around, will not compromise its integrity and will ensure that every nominee possesses the necessary integrity to serve in the Government.”

At the same time, the communication has been sent to the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Account to launch further investigation into the GAC audit report.


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