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Govt unveils new car license plates

James Akoi/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 29, 2015)-The Liberian Government has unveiled new license plates for all vehicles across the country. 

Transport Minister, Cassell Bush, said the new licenses are divided into six categories.
They include government, foreign mission, private vehicles, commercial motorbikes, amongst others.

Minister Bush said the plates contained security and other features, in line with best international practices.
The security and other features are intended to avoid duplication.

She also said Liberia`s international symbol from the ISO is LB, a new hybrid system, with four digits, randomly selected.

Madam Bush noted that under the new arrangement, the RL code will not be used on government vehicles.
Also previous codes as PC, BC, PB, PP, NG amongst others, will be placed in two new categories, ranging from A-1 to A-4.

The new plates are also retro-reflective to be identified at night by state securities and other individuals.


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