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Supreme Court wants robust National Bar Association

Khalifa Sheriff/Benjamin S. Taingay
Members of the Bar Association
Members of the Bar Association

( 2, 2015)-The Supreme Court of Liberia is calling on the National Bar Association to be robust and proactive in addressing national issues.

Associate Justice, Philip Banks, told members of the Bar: “Too long the Bar has been described as a sleeping giant and now it is about time for it to wake-up from its slumber.”

Justice Banks said the Bar has enormous power that must be used to strengthen the Judiciary, including the Supreme Court of Liberia.
He spoke over the week end at the second quarterly National Convention of the Bar in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Justice Banks emphasized that the Bar must use its power to critique the Supreme Court’s opinions, adding: “The Justices are not perfect and are opened to corrections by the Bar. This is a challenge to members of the association.”

The Bar must see itself as an institution representing the voice of the voiceless. Help educate the public on some of the opinions handed down by the Supreme Court, he told the Bar.


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