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Govt troubled by reported gang-raping of girl, 15

Arthur Douglas/Benjamin S. Taingay
Julia Duncan-Cassell
Julia Duncan-Cassell

 ( 2, 2015)-Government has expressed concern over the recent reported sexual-base violence against a Liberian girl child.

According to the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development Minister, Julia Duncan-Cassell, investigation into the matter and related cases are on-going. Minister Duncan-Cassell emphasized the need to handle the situation properly.

She reminded parents and residents of their role in helping to tackle rape issues. The Gender, Children and Social Development Minister then challenged the media to increase its awareness campaigns and continue to follow-up on rape cases in Liberia.

Monday, the father of the girl, 15, alleged that his daughter was gang-    raped in the Jacob Town Community in Paynesville and was seeking justice for his daughter.

Dr. Joseph Dwana, a medical doctor, wants the police investigate and bring the perpetrators to book. The victim is currently admitted at the Hope for Women Clinic in Paynesville.

According to Dr. Dwana, his daughter was tempered with early Sunday morning, June 31, 2015 while en-route to a local market.

The little girl’s father walked into our newsroom in tears saying: “The unknown men injected my little daughter with drugs, beat on her and kept her for the entire day.”

“The men have damaged my family and destroyed the girl’s future, and as such, I will do all I can legally to ensure they face the full weight of the law,” he emphasized.”


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