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Rainstorm, flood hit Monrovia, Nimba, Lofa

Jos Garneo Cephas /Benjamin S. Taingay
A scene of the devastation in Sinkor, Monrovia
A scene of the devastation in Sinkor, Monrovia

( 4, 2015)-Heavy rainstorm has damaged several houses and rendered thousands of residents homeless in Liberia.

According to our reporter, the rainstorm hit communities in the Liberian Capital, Monrovia in Montserrado County, the northern city of Foya in Lofa County, and Borsonnon parts of  Nimba County.

The reporrt said the rainstorm destroyed 200 houses and victimized thousands of residents, mostly women and children, in Foya City.

Our reporter quotes Foya Statutory District Superintendent, Tennyson Farkonia, as confirming the disaster and describing the situation as very pathetic. Superintendent Farkonia who was also affected by the rainstorm said the incident occurred at about 6 pm Sunday evening.

He said the rainstorm, accompanied by a heavy downpour, damaged the roofs of more than 200 houses, and four senior high schools, as well as thousands United States dollar worth of properties.

Also, more than 300 homes were victimized from an early Monday morning, June 1, 2015 down pour in   the 12th Street and 21st Street communities in Sinkor, causing flood and destroyed several   structures. 

Academic activities have also been paralyzed in the affected communities, due to the level of damage done to schools in those areas, our reporter added.

A victim of the flood Isaac Nayanakpeh, is a family of four. He said: “We are disturbed, confused and don’t know where to take my three children and my wife to sleep”.

He said: “I have all my cooking utensils, our sleeping bed and wearing all damaged within the short hours of rain but I do not have money to help me take an immediate decision”.

The flood was caused by   government failure to regulate the building of structure along the DU-river banks   and the lack of enforcement to protection wet land areas.

A Monrovia City Corporation’s Slum Initiative research conducted 2009 recognized about 27 slums and informal settlements in the city.

Borsonnon District in Nimba County was also affected by    rainstorm, rendering over five hundred persons homeless .

The incident, according to our correspondent, occurred Tuesday, June 2 at about 6 O’clock in the morning. The report said one elementary school in the area was also destroyed, leaving the disaster victims seeking refuge in nearby villages.



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