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World Bank praises Red LightGuinea border road

Augustine Myers/Benjamin S. Taingay

 ( 5, 2015)-The World Bank has expressed satisfaction and gratitude for the level of work done on the Red Light to Ganta road.

World Bank Country Manager, Inguna Dobraja, also expressed optimism that with the availability of more road networks in Liberia, access to the remote parts of the country will be possible in a short time.

She said available road networks will also reduce transportation cost, thus resulting to economic gains for Liberia.

The World Bank’s Country Manager further noted that seeing a tangible results of funds committed to the development of the country brings relief and confidence to donors for further development assistance.

The first component of the project is designing, rehabilitating and maintaining the road through a 10-year output and performance-based road contract for the two segments.

The two segments include the portion of the road leading from Paynesville Red Light to Gbarnga, and the portion leading from Gbarnga to the Guinea Border in Ganta.
The second component is enhancing consultant services, operating cost and training.

Under such arrangement, a consultancy firm will be hired to perform a Monitoring Consultancy (MC) role for the OPRC, among others.


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