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Sea erosion displaces 4,000 West Point residents

Patrick Flomo/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 8, 2015)-Over 4,000 West Point Township residents have been displaced as a result of sea erosion.

The sea erosion was occasioned by heavy downpour of rain last week.

West Point Township Commissioner, Sampson Nyan, confirmed that more than 80 houses were destroyed by the sea.

Commissioner Nyan said the victims are seeking refuge in friends and relatives’ homes.

Mr. Nyan made the disclosure in the township over the weekend when he spoke to the Liberia News Agency (LINA).

He told LINA that the National Housing Authority (NHA), Monrovia City Corporation and the township’s leadership were working together to provided the victims some housing facilities.

Commissioner Nyan also explained that the Township’s leadership will also ensure that houses destroyed by the sea erosion will not be rebuilt in their original sites.

West Point has been victimized by sea erosion over the years, and government and international partners should see reason to assist them curb the situation.

West Point is a community situated within the Liberian Capital, Monrovia, and not “West Point” in the United States of America.


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