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G-7 pledges support to worst-affected Ebola countries

Benjamin S. Taingay

( 11, 2015)-Leaders at the just-ended G-7 Summit in Germany have pledged to assist Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone in their recovery processes.

The Ebola crisis severely ravaged the economies of the three Ebola-affected countries.

In a resolution, adopted at the end of the G-7 Summit, the world leaders and their partners agreed to improve the capacities of the three West African countries to prevent, protect against, detect, report and respond to their public health emergencies.

''We are strongly committed to getting the Ebola cases down to zero. We also recognize the importance of supporting recovery for those countries most affected by the outbreak. We must draw lessons from this crisis,” the Summit’s resolution noted.

It continues: “We acknowledge the work that is being done by the WHO and welcome the outcome agreed upon at the Special Session of the Executive Board on Ebola and the 68th World Health Assembly.”

According to the resolution, the G-7 leaders also agreed to support the ongoing process to reform and strengthen the WHO’s capacity to prepare for and respond to complex health crises, while reaffirming the organization’s central role for international health security.

The leaders further decided to commit themselves to preventing future outbreaks from becoming epidemics by assisting countries to implement the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR), including the Global Health Security Agenda and its common targets, among other multilateral initiatives.

“To achieve this, they will offer to assist at least 60 countries, including the countries of West Africa, over the next five years, building on countries’ expertise and existing partnerships,” the resolution added.

They also said: “We will encourage other development partners and countries to join this collective effort.”


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