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Liberia, South Africa sign Bilateral Framework agreement

Patrick Flomo/Benjamin S. Taingay
President Jacobs Zuma of South Africa
President Jacobs Zuma of South Africa

( 15, 2015)-The Governments of Liberia and South Africa have signed a Framework Agreement for Bilateral Cooperation in several areas.

The Framework Agreement was signed Sunday, June 14, 2015 on the margins of the ongoing 25th Ordinary Summit of the African Union taking place in South Africa.

Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, signed for Liberia, while the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation,   Maite Mashabane, signed for South Africa. According to a Foreign Ministry dispatch from Johannesburg, the two countries agreed to strengthen their relationship in all areas of common interest.

The areas of common interest between the two countries include political, social, cultural, scientific and technical sectors within the spirit of African solidarity.
The dispatch named critical areas of cooperation as international relations, trade and investment, mining and geology, agriculture, among others.

It further disclosed that the parties also agreed to establish a Joint Consultation Forum consisting officials from both parties to monitor the implementation of the framework agreement and identify areas for further cooperation.

The two countries also agreed to meet annually, on alternating basis,  in South Africa and Liberia. Meanwhile, Liberia and South Africa have further agreed to encourage partnership between public and private institutions involved in the sectors and areas of cooperation in their respective countries.

They also agreed to promote partnerships between their private sectors in accordance with the domestic law in force in their respective countries and in consideration of their commitments to sub-regional, regional and international organizations of which they are members.

Speaking after the signing ceremony, Foreign Minister Ngafuan described the agreement as a boost in their bilateral relationship.


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