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Musical star, Quincy B, releases latest single, Crazy

Terry Gbono/Benjamin S. Taingay
Quincy Burrows, aka Quincy B
Quincy Burrows, aka Quincy B

(elbcradio.com/June 15, 2015)-One of Liberia’s finest musical stars, Quincy Burrows, aka “Quincy B”, has released his latest single album titled “Crazy.”

Quincy B has also performed his hottest track, “Tumba Baba” that’s taking the entire country by storm.

The program was held Saturday, June 13, 2015 at Sky Bar in Sinkor, suburb of the Liberian Capital, Monrovia.
It was attended by lots of Quincy’s fans who turned out to show him some love and support on the night.

Also available to spice the show up were artists like “Eric Geeso,” the “Hard Hay Boys,” including Deng, Tan-Tan, and many other artists who have also collaborated with Quincy on numerous tracks.

Quincy B, also a musical engineer, held broadcast interviews as a build-up to such long-awaited “Single Release Party.”


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