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Children seek to end child marriage

Tokpa Tarnue/Benjamin S. Taingay

( 19, 2015)-A six-count resolution, seeking to end child marriage in Liberia, has been presented to the Liberian Government.

Our Correspondent said the resolution was carved by over 1,000 children in Lofa County at programs marking the Day of the African Child.

In their resolution, the Children are recommending the holding of consultative meetings with religious and traditional leaders, Government’s commitment to the elimination of child marriage in Liberia, and to creating awareness about the Children’s Law.

The resolution also calls for the provision of more funding to support girls’ education and the establishment of an institution to provide girls vocational education.

The children also called on the Government to address Liberian single parent’s plight.

Presenting the six-count resolution to Lofa County Superintendent, on behalf of the Government, the county’s Children and Youth Advisory Board, Ballah Saywala, lauded partners for the level of support to all children in Liberia.


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