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Baccus Matthews Lecture Series honors LBS Director General

Ramsey Gorwor/Benjamin S. Taingay
LBS Director General, Ledgerhood Rennie
LBS Director General, Ledgerhood Rennie

(elbcradio.com/June 20, 2015)-LBS Director General, Ledgerhood Rennie, has received the certificate of Confidence from the Baccus Matthews Lecture Series.

The Secretary General of the Baccus Matthews Lecture Series, Jeremiah Bryant, said: “The work of Mr. Rennie, as a journalist, has provided him (Rennie) a public recognition.

Mr. Bryant said with the presence of Mr. Rennie at LBS, he believes the public will be adequately informed.

“My Organization has explicit confidence in the Leadership of the Director General of LBS, due to his level of work in the past,” he also said.

Receiving the Certificate, the LBS Director-General expressed gratitude to the group for recognizing him.

Mr. Rennie then recounted the numerous contributions to Liberia by Mr. Matthew, prior to his death, and described him as a major contributor to the country’s Multi-Party Democracy.


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