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Flood Poses health danger to Freeport Community

Augustine Myers/Jos GArneo Cephas
A scene of the weekend flood in the Free port Community
A scene of the weekend flood in the Free port Community

( 21, 2015)-The Freeport community on the Bushrod Island, in Monrovia has always experienced flooding thus creating unbearable conditions for residents, pedestrians and motorists.

Some residents are attributing the flooding to the poor manner in which drainages constructed in the area and others blamed it on the construction of houses on waterways, while the disposing of garbage in drainages is responsible for the flooding other pointed out.

“Scooping water from our various homes whenever it rains, especially during this rainy season has become the order of the day in this community”, Tata Gray a resident said.

"This year, the issue of flooding is really different, because it started too early and at high level", the Freeport community residents stressed.

The residents said the type of flooding experienced by the community is the first of its kind since the community was established about 40 years ago.

Madam Deddeh Snoh informed the WASH Media Network that when it rains heavy water along with feces enter her rooms due to burst septic tanks in the area.

“Life is getting too unbearable for me but leaving this area is the best option. We will have to move out of here until the dry season returns because I have to protect me and my family from water borne diseases”, said Madam Deddeh Snoh.

All of these factors are major issues that could lead to the flooding in any area. As part of its activities under WaterAid Liberia /Sierra Leone, the WASH Reporters and Editors Network of Liberia, take a look at sanitary conditions especially in Montserrado County  and highlight the plights of  victims as they tell their stories.

Most residents were seen in a pathetic condition, saying the situation has posed a serious health hazard for them with the fear of an outbreak of diaherra and other water borne related diseases.

The residents who appeared to be weary of the condition appealed to government and partners to aid the community by assisting them to clean up the drainages in their community before the peak of the rainy season.


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